Turmeric & Ginger have been used for thousands of years for:

Pain & Arthritis, Other Inflammation, Weight Management, Boosting Immunity, Digestion Issues & Intestinal Health, Nausea, Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Regulation, Anti-Depressant, Mood Regulation & Brain Health, Liver Detox...  Our customers have also noticed that our products help with Psoriasis & a variety of other health issues...  We have also discovered that our products treat or prevent a Hangover (when used as a mix).

Do your own research to determine if the synergy between Turmeric & Ginger are right for your health. There is a lot of buzz out there about Turmeric & therefore A LOT of new products making all sorts of claims.  Remember that anything powdered is not the same as the fresh organic root.  

We have sourced the highest quality Turmeric & Ginger internationally & by-passed many distribution middlemen to get our Turmeric & Ginger as fresh as possible.

In your own research please be discerning, as there are many web sites to wade through.  I prefer web information from reputable sources (medical or university) & here are a few of  my favourite ones:   Search "Turmeric" in sites: or

Concerns with Turmeric:

We recommend avoiding excessive Turmeric when pregnant, as it is known to regulate many systems in the body including menstruation.

As Turmeric & Ginger are also natural blood thinners & known to balance blood pressure & blood sugars, please consult your doctor to determine if they are right for you if you have existing health issues.