Please share your stories using our products.

I love the lemon-honey flavour. Drinking the concentrate on a daily basis really helped my dealing with all my inflammation from being an ex-professional snowboarder. Thanks Aunty Claire!   Steve Sauthoff

I love both flavours and am excited to try the new blueberry tonic! I suffer with chronic neck pain and have been using elixir for life to help with inflammation. These elixirs are delicious and so healthy for everyone!  Claire takes the time to chat with everyone and explain how to use them. D. Evaschuk

I couldn't go without it. Janis B.

I have been using Elixir for Life products for over a year & love how my body feels. I have no more pain & so much more energy.  After hearing how good turmeric was for you I also put it in everything.  I hate the taste of turmeric but I don't even notice it in these tonics. They do a great job of hiding it.  Thanks for all the work you put into these great drinks.  Mel Pederson

I am 84 and cancelled my knee replacement surgery because I have minimal pain. I decided that if I was comfortable, why go under the knife at my age. I love this product and take it every day. My mental clarity has increased also. Thanks so much.  E. Miller

My name is Holly and I am Claire's niece.  I love the elixir so much but kinda drink it like juice rather than just a couple ounces like you are supposed to. It makes me feel good.  My parents kept saying "stop drinking Aunty Claire's Elixir!"  Then my aunt changed the company name to Aunty Claire's Elixir for Life.  Holly N.

 I live by this stuff.  It has taken friends from being deathly sick with flu to 100% better in 24 hrs. 

Even the hospital couldn't do that.   D. Alwood

Love love love the honey lemon!   I have not taken any medication since starting your Elixir in December. 

 My inflammation is surely down, never miss taking twice a day!  BM Coatham