Alcohol & Turmeric Ginger Beverage

Drank a little too much last night? Or do you want to enjoy your favourite alcohol tonight without waking up with a fuzzy head? 

Turmeric is being discovered as a wonderful aid to hangovers and Elixir for Life has created the perfect mixes.  

Our delicious beverages blend perfectly with your favourite alcohol while the active ingredient curcumin works to detoxify the negative effects of alcohol. 

The Science of the Hangover

A hangover is simply your body trying to detoxify after it has been subjected to more alcohol than it can handle. There are two stages to 

this detoxification process. In the first stage the alcohol is converted into a metabolite called acetaldehyde which is the chemical that causes us to 

feel hung over.  In the second stage the acetaldehyde is converted to a water soluble molecule called acetic acid so that it can be excreted

 from the body.  Unfortunately,  the second stage takes longer than the first, causing a buildup of acetaldehyde in our bodies. 

This is why we feel so horrible in the morning after enjoying ourselves recklessly the night before. 

Avoiding a Hangover

As Turmeric (with the active ingredient Curcumin) speeds up the second stage of detoxification, we may be able to avoid the hangover in the first place. We believe that drinking your favourite alcohol with any of our delicious Turmeric-Ginger beverages as a mix may be just the answer to avoiding a hangover.  We don't condone excessive drinking but some people (like me) can't enjoy the odd couple drinks because of Hangover Fear.   If you do partake, please don’t forget to re-hydrate with lots of water before going to bed, & again in the morning to avoid the dehydrating effects of alcohol.  See our favourite cocktail recipes below: