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Two years ago (just after turning 52) I was in incredible pain, throughout my whole body.  After getting diagnosed with severe osteoporosis & arthritis I did what my Vancouver doctors suggested & started taking anti-inflammatory medications. These made me sick & gain weight rapidly. I was put on more pills to counter the negative effects of the anti-inflammatory drugs, and was I was told by my doctor that I would be on these meds for the rest of my life. Having been a natural health practitioner for many years with Clarity Health & Wellness www.clarityhealthandwellness.com  I decided to take my health into my own hands. I started researching natural alternatives, always having believed that food should be our pharmacy. I researched the most beneficial foods that help with inflammation, & found Turmeric was recommended everywhere.  So I started consumed large amounts of turmeric powder - cooking with it so much that my family complained everything tasting like curry. It only made a meager difference in my pain but there was a positive difference. After trying to fill my own gel caps with turmeric powder (which I had to consume at least 20 a day to notice any comfort), I bought the expensive pills, but I was so sick of taking medication that the last thing I wanted was more pills.  

It wasn't until I started using the organic root that I noticed the most relief.  After a lot of experimenting, we perfected a recipe for a delicious drink that utilizes the organic turmeric root combined with organic ginger root & other natural ingredients.  After having such amazing results in my own body, we shared our special turmeric-ginger beverage with family & friends who raved about the effects & the delicious flavour.  My whole family is involved in the creation & selling of this wonderful beverage. 

And I am happy to report that I have been pain-free & medication-free since soon after I started consuming this delicious  beverage. 


From our Hearts - to your Health

Why our Products are Superior


Turmeric is an amazing gift from nature - the most popular root of this century. 

At Aunty Claire's Elixir for Life, we have sourced out the best organic ingredients from around world & have been making our turmeric products since 2016, using only fresh certified Organic Turmeric & Ginger roots (never powders). We make sure our Turmeric & Ginger roots are fresh & plump, not having been stored in a warehouse where they could dry and wither (like so many that you find in stores). Our raw natural ingredients are certified organic in Canada & the USA.

Many people don't realize the huge difference between fresh turmeric (specifically organic) & the cooking powders. You have to consume a lot of the powder to obtain the same amount of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) that you find in the root.  All powders have been processed, & the source turmeric root may have been grown years before. Additives are often included for shelf stability & to counter the degradation of the curcumin. In reviewing the pills available, I have always wondered what "extra strength" means on the label. How do you make a natural product extra strength unless you are adding a chemical. This marketing term baffles me & I encourage everyone consuming turmeric supplements to look into the source & consume only those that use freshest & purest organic ingredients. 

Choose only organic!  Why?   If you are taking turmeric for it's amazing anti-inflammatory properties and your system is already compromised, then why put a plethora of chemical pesticides & herbicides into your body? They can't be good for your health.

Our family recipe was developed with utmost care & loving intention, in small batches perfected to create the most delicious way to consume fresh organic Turmeric. If you are using our products already, we want to hear from you.  Please email us at info@elixirforlife.ca

Enjoy & Share with your friends.

Prices & Where We Sell


Price List:

$15 for 500 ml (lemon or cherry)

$26 for 1000 ml (lemon or cherry)

$16 for 500 ml (blueberry)

$28 for 1000 ml (blueberry)

Market prices may vary in a sale.

(Cheaper by the dozen - save $4/ltr)

We travel BC, selling our products at Markets, Festivals & Fairs.  You will soon find them in some major retail chains but for now we are selling direct to our customers or through a BC wide distribution network.  We may ship our products but have found that shipping is cost prohibitive so at the moment we sell directly to our customers. If you are interested in sharing our product with family & friends & co-workers, talk to us about our case price discount. This is a good way to get your own product for free. We have distributors in many towns throughout BC. contact us if you are interested in this opportunity (not MLM) to share this product through our unique distribution network. 

We have some delicious recipes to share & also want to hear from you.  Please email us with your stories, testimonials & suggestions of new recipes. info@elixirforlife.ca

Many people enjoy our beverage concentrates as mix for cocktails reporting that it helps prevent some nasty next day fuzzy head symptoms.  See "Turmeric Ginger Cocktails"  under "Product & Info" tab.

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